Hidly Provides High Quanlity Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser,and Aroma Humidifier Since 2006 in China.

Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser and Aroman Humidifier  Factory

HIDLY Aromatheray diffuser Factory:H709

 Ultrasonic technology to ensure an extremely quiet environment, which is perfect for Bedroom, living room, Baby Room, Yoga club, Spa, Office, Conference room, Reception center and Hotel.
1.Can be used as
aroma Diffuser and humidifier                                                
2.Compact type for daily life using             
3.Timing function: 30,60,120,180min                 
4.Arm with 7 colors of LED lights, like a rainbow。
5.Continuous duration: 4h               
6.Range of aroma: 10-20㎡                   
7.Atomination method: Ultrasonic       
9.Tank capacity:90ml                       
10.Mist volume: about 20ml/h   
Aroma Diffuser Factory
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